RS Digital worked with the Centre for Digital Public Services to help better understand digital inclusion activities in Wales.

Making sure all members of society can take advantage of public digital services is recognised as a critical social justice and equalities challenge. Governments Worldwide are however still grappling with how to reach the important minority of citizens who don’t have access to the internet, or who are unable to take advantage of digital services for other reasons.

The situation is no different in the UK, and the National Survey for Wales found that 7% of Welsh adults (age 16 and over) do not personally use the internet. There clearly remains a pressing need to further address digital inequalities.

Part of our engagement with the Centre for Digital Public Services Wales (CDPS) was to lead the set-up and delivery of a piece of research to understand the current provision, support and funding available across Wales for digital inclusion (basic digital skills, devices and connectivity). This then led to the creation of a digital inclusion directory for Wales mapping existing provision, by local authority or health board level, allowing officials to identify possible gaps in support.

The work was sponsored by the Welsh Government, with Rick Stock from RS Digital acting as delivery manager working closely with The PSC, Digital Communities Wales and DataMapWales among others.

You can read more about the project on the CDPS website.